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Disinfectant Task Force will provide you with a "Badge of Honor" decal to prominently display. Your clientele can be assured that careful measures have bee​n taken to provide a safe and healthy environment for them, and can enter your establishment with confidence.

Our Mission

We are here to provide a safe and healthy environment for our families, businesses, churches, and communities.

How We Operate..

*We respond to Emergency Outbreak Calls 24/7. 

*We work with contracted clients to develop programs detailed to specific needs and locations.

*We're equipped to handle any size job!  We DEPLOY TO DESTROY! 

Not limited to COVID-19, we're prepared to take on Flu Season. Bacteria, Mold, Mildew, Fungi and Algae.  


Our Team of specialists are equipped with the latest technology in electrostatic spray equipment, fully trained to execute every task thoroughly and with professionalism.

Get Certified

Sign-up for one of our classes and get hands-on training! All courses are conducted by our Compliance Safety Officer, Adrian Cantu Jr. COSM, Certified OSHA outreach trainer. We offer many courses for employers and their staff to gain knowledge and hands-on training.  Check out our Certified Class page!

Our Services

One Time Application:  Emergency Outbreak or Preventative Disinfectant Service.  24/7 availability!

Bi-Weekly Application: Contracted Disinfectant Services.

90 Day Application: Contracted 2-part Disinfectant Service with an applied shield of BioProtect. 

Cleaning Service: ​ New-Construction and Move-In-Ready Cleaning/Disinfectant Services. Hoarding Clean Up L1-L5.  Junk Removal. Deep Cleaning.

Power Washing: Residential, decks, docks, boats, etc. After a thorough power washing we apply a 90 day application that prevents the growth of mold, mildew, fungi and algae.


Our products are EPA-Registered, hospital grade disinfectants. Safe for all surfaces including: carpet, upholstery, kitchen, bathroom, fixtures around home and office, automobiles, etc. Odorless and color free, with agents fighting against bacteria that causes staining and discoloration. Feel comfortable in your environment knowing that the Disinfectant Task Force has your health and well-being as their top priority!  

Who We Are

Disinfectant Task Force was established out of a necessity and desire to safeguard our community and loved ones. With businesses closing, churches and schools shutting their doors, people losing jobs and income, we were overcome with compassion and compelled to help!​

In spite of taking recommended precautions, wearing masks, gloves, and sanitizing to slow down the spread, it is NOT enough. We need to STOP the spread; we need to KILL it! With proper equipment and EPA registered products we can do just that! Our goal is to leave our clients feeling safe, secure and worry free!